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So many brands, so many options, so many choices! Purchasing a hair dryer can be complicated. And therefore we will explain to you what to look out for if you want to buy one! We think it’s important that you ask yourself what exactly you want to do with the hairdryer. Are you planning to dry your hair? All hair dryers are not of equal quality that can nourish your hair. That is why it’s important to select a professional dryer that will keep your hair healthy. Your selection of hair dryer may be of the amount of watt, weight, temperature modes, cool shot function, sound, price, diffuser options, engine life, additional options such as extension cord length, suspension ring, detachable filter, and color.

Factors to Consider when Getting a Professional Hair Dryer

Some features are important both in drying your hair and in styling your hair. Below are the various factors that you should consider when buying a professional hair dryer:

hair dryers

1.The Power

The wattage (power) says something about the power of the hairdryer. The higher the amount of watt, the more powerful the hair, the faster your hair dries! Often, the higher the wattage, the warmer the blower can blow. If you have thin hair, then a dryer with 1800 watts should be okay. The individual with a fatter hair will go for a hair dryer with higher wattage.

2.Speed and Temperature

A professional hair dryer often offers multiple speeds and temperature ranges. How fast and how hot your hair sets depends on your hair type (thin or thick) and the wetness of your hair. If you have thin hair and have your towel dry hair, you can quickly set the hair at low speed with the lowest temperature. If you have a thick, cheeky hair, then it is best to blow a little more volume and in a slightly warmer condition. But be aware, the more heated you put the hair, the higher the risk of dehydration (and therefore damage) of your hair!

3.Ceramic and Ionic Technology

A ceramic function means that the heat of the hairdryer is distributed evenly over your hair. This helps reduces fluffiness. The ionic technology is an important feature in hair dryer; it has an anti-static function and gives a lot of shine!

4.Ergonomic Design and Weight

If you are a professional, it is essential that you work with an ergonomic hair dryer. The weight of your styling tool is also significant especially during long time dressing hour.


This enables negative ion technology. It can also act as the heating element in your dryer. This is a determinant of a good dryer.

6.Setup / Extension

You will always get a standard blow nozzle supplied with your hair. This allows you to dry your hair accurately. Are you going to buy a hair dryer and have long hair? Then an extended bladder mouth is recommended! You can choose a hair dryer with a diffuser if you have curls/waves or want to create while styling. A diffuser is a handy extension for the hair dryer with 9 or 12 pins (depending on whether you want coarse or fine curls).

7. Price

Prices per hair dryer sometimes differ greatly depending on the brand, but do not always have to be said about the quality of a hairdryer. Take a look at the options/specifications before deciding on the brand to buy.

8. Cool Shot

After drying your hair, you will need this feature to do the style.

9.Extra Options

If you think this was all you have to pay attention to when buying a hair dryer, you will not miss it. There are still many options possible, but we do not go as deep as the primary choices above! We recommend that you also consider the following options:
Sound (buying a hairdryer with a compressor system makes for much less noise!)
Motor life (an AC motor often has a longer life)
Infrared function (ensures healthy blood circulation: shine and soft hair)
The color, brand, and warranty of the dryer are all important features to consider when buying your hair dryer.

Hair Dryer Review

Conair 1875 Cord Keeper

It dries hair efficiently and quickly with the essential features of the hair dryer: Tourmaline technology, Ionic, and Ceramic. The design allows the cord to be kept when storing it. You can get different styling from the different speed and heat setting of the dryer. The attachment includes concentrator adapter, diffuser attachment in case you want a curly hair. This dryer will offer you need to dry your hair efficiently, and it’s cost-effective. The Conair Cord Keeper is one of the best professional hair dryers because of its price to value ratio.

Conair 1875 Cord Keeper

Rusk W8less 2000

This is another great hairdryer. This model is designed with the necessary features you will need for a good hair dryer: Ionic, Tourmaline technology, and Ceramic. The wattage rating of 2000 makes this dryer one of the best professional dryer out there. The hair will dry quickly and it’s lightweight. The dryer is just like Conair Cord-Keeper in function, but more expensive. They are designed with a button you can press to blow your hair. This is a good option if you want to style your hair and you don’t want it to cool down naturally. The overall performance of this professional dryer is outstanding.

Remington D3190A

This dryer offers different speed and heat settings with attachments. It also includes all the option every good should have like the Tourmaline, Ceramic technology, and Ionic. They don’t have enough heart force like the other dryer listed in this review. The dryer does an excellent job in drying your hair, but you will have to get used to it.

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T3 Featherweight Luxe 2I Hair Dryer

This is clinically proven professional hair dryer. The new technology of this hair dyer allows it to dry your hair faster than you can ever think possible. It also works perfectly for the different type of hair. The performance of this dryer keep your hair healthy and increase the style retention.

T3 Featherweight Luxe 2I Hair Dryer
professional hair dryer

New Babyliss Pro BABTT5585 Tourmaline Titanium 3000 Dryer

This is a tourmaline type of dryer. This ion allows your hair to shine because it breaks the water molecules faster; reducing the time it takes the dryer to curl your hair. The dryer is light in weight which makes it super handy.

New Babyliss Pro BABTT5585 Tourmaline Titanium 3000 Dryer

Turbo Power 3200 Professional Hair Dryer

This turbo power professional dryer make your hair dry then you ever thought possible. They have a lightweight design, with concentrating nozzles. This dryer gives you a healthy hair.

Turbo Power 3200 Professional Hair Dryer

The price of the hair dryer we want is different, some need a professional hair dryer at an affordable price, and some others will decide to go for those that will last for an extended period of time. What should you consider when you want to get your professional hair dryer? Above are the details you will need to make the best decision when you want to buy a professional hair dryer. You can get the best hair dryer for your hair within your budget. Your hair dryer should be of different speed and dry rate, with an attachment that will help you curl your hair. The Conair Cord-Keeper happens to be one of the best dryers you can get. Because it offers you all, you need in a professional dryer at a competitive price.


Best Professional Hair Dryer
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